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Ask and You Shall Receive

April 26, 2011

Ask and You Shall Receive

... :)

I e always been ranting on how I hated my job. Well, not really “hate”; it’s just that I got bored in designing the same thing. I am working as a Web Designer in a Financial-Industry Company so what can I expect? I design their websites using same colors, structure, very corporate and I’miss illustrating, doing girly stuffs and doing creative designs!

Well, I also don’t like the fact that we are required to be in an office attire, meaning corporate/formal/business-looking and what not (we are not facing any clients and were always just in the office). YES! It is big deal for me! As an Artist/Designer, I want to express myself so much and dressing up is part of it. And I don’t have those kind of clothing (studied in CSB-School of Design and Arts so don’t expect that from me HAHA). I have 2-3 business wear that I usually use during defense when I was in college (that was just a year ago) and I don’t intend to fill my closet with those apparels because I know that I don’t want to work in a corporate world as of the moment. I also feel like I am MOST creative in the morning when I decide what to wear for work.

Going back, all this time I was just asking God to give me a job and He did, but I declined them. I don’t like the offer, location is too stressful (Ortigas/Makati) and they have ugly offices. I don’t wanna work in an office that looks so dark and dirty and smells so bad (told you I’m choosy) because that’s the place i’ll be staying 5 days a week, 9 hours+ in a day.

After declining all the offers, I realized what I really wanted and asked God to give me a work that s here in Fort Bonifacio, in Arts Industry, Casual wears, and most of all, has a nice office. It was the time when I lost hope in finding a new work and I stopped searching when an email from a job listing was sent to me and it was everything that I asked for (He even added more!). I was shocked because I feel like God is giving this opportunity for me since it all fits to what I wanted!

Of course I applied, I always check my email if they already replied and I almost jumped for joy when they scheduled me for an interview. To cut the story short, I got in, just signed the contract and I’m so excited to start working there!

Title says, Ask and you shall receive because that’s what I feel. I am encouraging all of us to pray and ask God specifically for what we wanted. I know that God will give them to us in His time and if it really is for us. He really is a giving-God.