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Reaction on Bayo’s Ad

June 9, 2012

Reaction on Bayo’s Ad

the very Controversial Bayo ad

A very controversial issue right now is the “what’s your mix” ad from Bayo. When I read the ad of Jasmine Curtis with the percent mixes, I got confused. They’re saying that those with mixed races are beautiful and talented etc… Yes, they did not say that those who dont have mixes are not pretty. But the question here is, what do they want to imply?

It could have been a very successful ad if they launched it outside the country. Half-pinays would be overwhelmed that they are given such attention by Bayo even if they’re only half-filipinas. Just for the sake of trying to help people understand the real issue, let’s say Bayo has a stall in the US and they’re selling 100% Filipino products. Given that they’re in another country and they’re selling Filipino products, their target market are limited to those who have filipino blood in the foreign land. So if they launched their ad there, it would be overwhelming for those half-blooded that Bayo is giving attention to them. Now let’s take the situation here in the Philippines, same with before, they also have a stall and selling 100% filipino products. But their target market is not very limited! Majority of the population here in the Philippines are of course Filipinos. Launching their ad here would of course create a MAJOR fuzz. And this is what people are trying to debate on.

We all have different opinion on this issue. Some say it’s beautiful and for me, it’s an insult. I am 75% Filipina and 25% Chinese but I consider myself 100% Filipina. I’m guessing those who actually liked and wasn’t offended on the ad have mixes and just wanted to boast about it. Seriously. Reason why we, 100% Filipinos are offended is simply because of this, let’s say a classroom has 40 students and they have a new adviser and 2 exchange students. 40 students would be us 100% Filipinos, Bayo would be the new adviser and the exchange students would be those who are half-blooded. Relating it to the current situation, the ADviser wants to gain the “affection” of her 40 students. But she did it by praising her exchange students in front of the class. Yes, she probably did not say that the rest of the class are a bunch of losers, but it’s common sense to the class that the adviser is much more favorable to the exchange students that to her “real” class. Another situation is when you have a sister. You, being the 100% filipina and your sister, the mixed race. When people (let’s say this is the brand) say that your sister is pretty and you’re with her, what would that imply to you? Yes, they didn’t say you’re not pretty but they didn’t say that you are pretty too. Being left out of the situation what would that make you feel?

People who are not against the ad are trying to pry on those who are against it. That sucks you know. They’re saying that we are a hypocrite because we hate the ad but we are trying to change things about ourselves trying to look foreign (ex. skin color, hair color) and idolizing foreign people. But guys, that’s not the issue here. There’s a VERY THICK line between vanity or personal preference and race. With vanity, you can change it based on what media says to you. They’re saying having fair skin is beautiful and that’s okay because if you agree with them, then you can do something about it, buy whitening products. But with race, you’re talking about genes. And with genes, you wont be able to do anything about it. They’re saying having mixed race is beautiful, are they selling products that would make you half-something of what you wanted? NO! they’re selling 100% FILIPINO PRODUCTS. So why would they try to make those who are half-bred special?

Yes, I love coloring my hair and I am obssessed with trying to be whiter, I love Chris Hemsworth and I prefer watching hollywood movies but that does not make me hypocrite because I hate the ad. Those are my preferences and it’s none of other people’s business. The issue is not what I want to do with my life or with my physical appearance, it’s about my lineage, my race. Bayo could’ve added a simple phrase that would make the whole context different. They could’ve added “still 100% Filipina”. With that context added people would think that even if they’re just half-Filipina, they still consider themselves 100% Filipina and thus beautiful. Or, they could’ve just dropped the long explanation about mix races and let people think on what their ad is about. In the end, their concept could’ve been good if they said that these girls with mixed races are beautiful because of their Filipino blood. Thing is, they said it in total opoosite, that they’re beautiful because they’re mixed. Reason why we dont hate bench/penshoppe’s ad even if they get foreign endorsers is because they’re not telling it to our face, literally, that if you are foreign, you’re pretty, they’re not even telling why their endorser’s are foreign!

This is not just an issue of sending message the wrong way or message getting lost on delivery. It is an issue about being sensitive. I think Bayo did not think about their concept thoroughly, they probably got too overwhelmed about it and wasn’t able to foresee how people would react if they have different opinion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And if Bayo is telling us that having mixed race is beautiful, that’s their opinion. It could’ve been okay if they’re not after the sales they would get from Filipinas, in general, but it it’s not. For me, who got offended by this ad, the hell I care with your opinion on beauty. I am getting any benefit from you, there are still lots of other brand and I wont go naked without you. This issue takes more that just a public apology, prove it. But anyway, the hell I care, just dont expect me patronize your products.

*All that is written on this blog post are just my personal opinion. They are not to be taken as facts and is not intented to malign, libel or defame anyone. Comments would be the commenter’s opinion and I am not holding any responsibility on whatever they want to say.