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3″ Starter Hyaluronic Acid

April 6, 2016

Holika Holika 3" Starter Hyaluronic Acid

3 Seconds to Hyaluronic Acid by Holika Holika

Holika Holika 3" Starter Hyaluronic Acid

I went to the newly opened Korean store near our place, Core Holic, to buy some Kerasys shampoo and rinse. Browsed inside the store and they have a wide variety of products from skin care, beauty, phone accessories and even home appliances. Saw this Holika Holika 3″ Starter Hyaluronic Acid and although this is the first time I’ve heard this product, I did not hesitate to buy it because of the Hyaluronic Acid.

I only have a few knowledge on Hyaluronic Acid but I know that it’s good for the skin. It has anti-aging properties and there’s even Japanese pills (DHC) for this and from it’s packaging, it’s suppose to make your  skin plump, supple and soft. From the site I’ve read:

“Because both hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate add moisture to the skin, and help it retain that moisture, from skin’s uppermost layers down to its dermis layer, they can have the effect of temporarily plumping wrinkles and fine lines (adding moisture to the skin always does that, but these ingredients supercharge the process).”

And from Holika Holika’s site:

Holika Holika 3" Starter Hyaluronic Acid

Promising right?

Anyway, here’s my review of the product.

My skin is dry and I’ve been adapting the Korean skincare routine since I came back from Korea to help my skin retain some moisture. I use this everyday right after I wash my face with cleanser every morning and night and as what the product says, I wait 3 seconds right after applying it onto my face and it’s already absorbed by my skin. What I noticed is it helped my skin absorb the products I use. Usually I have to wait because my face is still wet and it needs more time to absorb before I can proceed to the next steps. This doesn’t happen to me now since I’ve been using this product.

I dont know how but after applying this, my essence-serum-moisturizer-emulsion-cream-*night mask was easily absorbed by my skin. I’ve read some reviews that they feel like they didn’t put any product because it felt dry right after, but I think it’s because the skin already absorbed it. I really like this product because it helps me save time for my routine and I think it helps in the absorption of the product. Yes, it may seem drying but I still feel the moisture of the cream or night masks I use. I think this may also be the cause why my pimples are getting smaller since they get the moisture they deserve and my face feels soft. I bought this for P490 in Core Holic Betterliving. I’m not sure how much they sell them in stores.