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Proof 10 Eye Primer

March 29, 2011

Proof 10 Eye Primer

Etude House

Ive seen a lot of makeup tutorials and I think having an eye primer is a MUST. From what  I’ve read from different sources, eye primer is like foundation for your  eyeshadow so it would stay longer and make the color really come out. Correct me if I’m wrong, please.

This is what it looks like.


I never had an eye primer before but when I watch some  Youtube videos, it always looked so creamy and more like a  concealer  texture but this one is a bit oily.  I dont think I like this one coz it made my eyes feel heavy (or maybe I just put too much HAHA!) but my  eyeliner  stayed in place coz  usually when I put my eyeliner, the WINGS becomes TAILS later on. Well, that s the only thing that I dont like, the Heavy-feeling. So maybe I ll just  try again  tomorrow and see if I really just had too much. 🙂

Price: P298