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Makeup Traincase

March 13, 2016

Makeup Traincase

A fancy box for my makeup stash!

I’ve been browsing for a makeup train case for 2 weeks already. I always wanted one even before but it was never available here so I forgot about it. I know everyone’s into makeup right now, thanks to Pinterest and Instagram. I looked in OLX.ph and google for a train case and I found Gladking Philippines. They have an online shop and a kiosk in 168 & 999 Mall in Divisoria (will post below the location of their booth). I tried buying online to see how much is the shipping fee. They charge P500 pesos shipping fee within Metro Manila but I’m not sure on how long will it take for them to deliver.

I want the 6-bulb train case but I also want to see the actual product itself before buying. I wanted to make sure that the materials used are durable and wont break easily. Some plastic materials break easily when it dropped on the floor. So anyway, here’s my new train case!

Makeup Traincase

I only put 4 bulbs since I’m near my window. But I have them on my train case just in case I need a little more help. Bulbs are included in the train case and you get 1 FREE extra bulb. Bulbs are 3W and 3000K each. Guy said its LED light so it has cheaper consumption but I am not really familiar with this kind of stuff. All I know is that I’ll just probably use it less than an hour per day for 5 days.

Makeup Traincase

When expanded to the 3rd level. It has a black plastic cover on top. The light switch is on the right while a socket is available on the left. This uses China socket with 250V so you might want to buy an adaptor as well.

You can also lock your trolley in case you are travelling for a gig and those are the keys.

Gladking Philippines also offers service warranty. I asked them if I still need to present the receipt for the warranty and they told me that I don’t have to because they know the brand. But I think it’s too much trouble to take this baby to them since Divisoria is not the most car-friendly place in the whole world. 

Makeup Traincase

Honestly, I feel like this train case was too big for me. I was regretting buying this and told myself that I could’ve just bought the smaller one with 4 light bulbs. It was bigger and heavier than my luggage so I was kinda feeling sad. But as you can see, I’ve underestimated the amount of makeup I own. Look at all those lipsticks! And I’m not even a makeup artist! Everything fit so perfectly on my new baby. And I still have space for more. OOPS :p

I bought this for P7800 while the smaller one costs P4500 (Fixed prices). Both have 2 wheels at the bottom for trolley. They also have the one with stand but it costs P18000 which is too much if you ask me. You can make your own stand or buy a cheaper table than spend another P10,000 just for a stand. And it also has the same dimensions as my trolley. I’m not a makeup artist so I wouldn’t know if I made sense or not. LOL :p

Gladking Viber :+639178635068

Store Location:

  • 999 shopping mall mall 1 store 1c21 (first floor near cityplace residence)
  • 999shopping mall mall 2 store 1i05 (first floor along main entrance)
  • 168 shopping mall mall5 store 2o14 (robinson supermarket building, 2nd floor)
  • 168 shopping mall mall 1 store 1a 25 (first floor)
  • Lucky China Town Annex store A055 (first floor)


Overall, I love it so much. My 2-year old niece loves it too. And I want to thank my baby for carrying this for me! I love it, I love it, I love it! 🙂