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Sally Hansen Bleach For Face

May 15, 2011

Sally Hansen Bleach For Face

Coz you cant lighten your hair without matching eyebrows!

I’ve been talking to Steph Uy about this hair bleaching project, she opened me to this concept of having matching eyebrows and hair color. At first I am hesitant to bleach my eyebrows because:

1) I am not sure on how light my hair will be

2) I am not sure on what damage it can do.

I don’t want to walk around being eyebrow-less or worse, a drawn eyebrow matching my mood!! (Imagine a person walking with straight downward eyebrows, I bet she’s angry! hahaha).

So after dyeing my hair, I noticed that my eyebrows are really black and not to mention BUSHY and it really looked awkward coz my hair is at least 2-3 shades lighter. I bought this Sally Hansen Bleach the next day I bleached my hair.

This is what the kit includes:

So, how do we use this? Remember it’s just a 1:2. I didn’t use measuring cup for this, instead I used measuring eyes. Hahaha! I put the activator first which is in powder then scooped bleach (the larger container) twice the amount of the activator. I put them on my eyebrows for just 3 mins (I don’t know how light it could get yet) then I washed it off. I noticed that it’s not yet light as I want it to be so I just reapplied and wait for 5 mins before I washed it off. My philosophy for this is I’d rather waste the bleach than waste my eyebrows.

So anyway, it’s been 2 weeks since I bleached everything and I think as time goes by, it gets even prettier. My eyebrows adapted to the color of my hair which is funny (I think) because on the first day of my bleached eyebrows it wasn’t.

From this day on, whenever I see some colored hair, I always notice their eyebrows. Having matching hair color and eyebrows is really a must (now that I’ve thought about it) because it won’t make you look “trying-hard” and “jej”

This bleach is specifically intended for face purposes so it can also be used for the eyebrows and can be found in SM Department store for P320. I still have a lot of bleach because I only used this once for my eyebrows. Worth it cause instead of going to salon every month for P400 worth eyebrow bleaching you can have it done at home. It’s definitely recommended.