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My *Current Night Routine

February 22, 2017

My *Current Night Routine

Korean-inspired Skin Care Night Routine

When I came back from Korea last year, I hoarded on their skin care products. I’ve tried doing their 10-steps (more or less) skin care routine but wasn’t able to keep up with it because of my tight schedule a.k.a laziness. But in the last few weeks of December last year, I decided to give this

3″ Starter Hyaluronic Acid

April 6, 2016

Holika Holika 3" Starter Hyaluronic Acid

3 Seconds to Hyaluronic Acid by Holika Holika

I went to the newly opened Korean store near our place, Core Holic, to buy some Kerasys shampoo and rinse. Browsed inside the store and they have a wide variety of products from skin care, beauty, phone accessories and even home appliances. Saw this Holika Holika 3″ Starter Hyaluronic Acid and although this is the

Bioré Cleansing Oil

March 20, 2016

Bioré Cleansing Oil

What I think about Japan's #1 Makeup Remover

I bought this product after always seeing its video commercial on my Facebook feeds. I’ve also seen a lot of its marketing materials in Watsons and SM department stores. I guess you could say that they really have a powerful marketing campaigns that made people curious (like me) and try to buy their product. It claims

My Mary Kay Haul

September 1, 2011

My Mary Kay Haul

another makeup & skin care haul

My Mary Kay orders just arrived! Yey! I e been using a lot of their product samples since my mom is a Beauty consultant and I also read a lot of reviews for this brand and they all loved the product and I’m loving them too! I am not saying this because my mom sells

Lip And Eye Makeup Remover

April 24, 2011

Lip And Eye Makeup Remover

Etude House

I bought this Eye and Lip Remover from Etude House for P198 ($4.58). I don’t really need it since the only eye makeup I use is eyeliner (which is not hard to remove) and I seldom use my mascara (waterproof). But anyway, this one has no expiry anyway so it wouldn’t kill me if I