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All-meat Rigatoni

March 28, 2011

All-meat Rigatoni

at Pancake House

So I was out today for my final interview (that went well btw! Woohoo!) And since I’m already lazy to get back to  the office  I decided to have lunch date with Vern (my treat) in Robinson s Galleria,  Pancake  House.

While I was browsing the menu, I was suppose to order Beef Tapa simply because it has a larger photo and a  pancake  symbol  on its left side (which I think means the best seller), well anyway, I don’t wanna eat pasta because I just had on in Don Henrico s with his family last Friday. But when I saw the tiny photo of the All-meat Rigatoni for P195, it looks very delicious.

Presentation: it looks much more reddish and delicious in the photo

Taste:    the pasta has pure tomatoes in it,  ground beef, pepperoni and  sausages. It was okay for me, I prefer having pasta with lots of sauce but I think my sister s pasta is still the best I’ve had.

Customer Service: they value the customer and you don’t have to ask them 2-3 times for water or bill or whatever you need. They make sure you get what you want before they do anything else.