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Great Wall of China Tour

May 2, 2015

Great Wall of China Tour

Beijing Day 2

Beijing, China

We decided to go on a day tour to Great Wall of China so there wont be as much tourist as the May 1 holiday. We were picked up by our guide from our hotel by 8am and went to the area where she said was less crowded. The guide was good in English so it was easy understanding her.

Great Wall of China

We arrived in Badaling around 9AM and started exploring the Great Wall of China. The weather was great! It was sunny but the temperature was below 20. Even if we need to hike, we wont get sweaty. Here are some of my instagram photos in the glorious Great Wall of China.




Great Wall of China

Then we decided to have our photos taken wearing a traditional Chinese costume as far as I remember, the price was fair. you also get a printed copy of your photo plus you wont be here always so just go with it.

I was still tired from walking around the Forbidden City so I decided not to go up anymore and just wait for them near the entrance where there’s a store. While descending, I entertained myself with their signboards.

11am, we bid goodbye to the Great Wall of China and went to Jade Garden where we also had our lunch. Here we were told how jade was used by the royals, how they were made and how to differentiate the real ones to the fake. There’s even jade beads massage mat because it actually has healing properties.

Jade Garden China

The first decent meal we had in our whole stay in China. Ordering food takes so much effort since nobody speaks English here. So we were sooooo excited that we can finally now eat real food.

Jade Garden China

After eating our lunch, we went to Ming’s Tomb, one of the emperors in China.

Chinese people are very superstitious. As far as I can remember, the guide told me that this tomb is actually in the middle of 2 powerful mountains. One was called dragon mountain and the other was the tiger mountain. Even in their tombs they still practice feng shui. :p

Dragons represents the emperors while Phoenix represents their empresses. They have this huge hectares of land where they believe the body of the emperor was buried but the remains are still not found. They just basically, dump the body somewhere and I think they are still excavating it.



It was around around 2pm and the tour was still not yet over. We went to a tea house where we tasted the different kinds of tea and how to make them. Tea is very popular here in China. They have different kinds of tea depending on what you need. They drink tea for cleansing and to be slim. According to the tea instructor, Chinese people sometimes buy tea just for display.

This is actually the end of our tour. We were sent back to our hotel by our driver around 4pm and gave him a tip. What I love most about tours is they give facts, trivia and information that you wont really know if you toured alone. China has a very rich and interesting history and it’s fun that you get to learn and remember few things you’ve studied from your history subjects by this tours. And seeing what remains in their history is amazing. Experience here was something worth remembering. Not everyone gets to see the 7 wonders of the world.