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Manila to Malaysia

July 13, 2013

Manila to Malaysia

What to do and what to expect

Manila, Philippines

The last time I’ve traveled out of the country was when I was a 3rd year high school student which is approximately 8 years ago! Strolling down the memory lane, we went to Denmark for a 2-week Christmas family vacation and to visit my aunt who lives there. I basically just depend on what my parents would tell me to do so I was very excited with this trip because it would be my first time to travel without my parents.

Now I am travelling with 2 of my great guy friends, Jeffrey & Jupiter (it s a J-team). Both of them are frequent flyers so thankfully I have someone to teach me on what to do.

For first time travelers like me, here are the procedures before you can hop of a plane with your dream & your cardigan:

Once you are already inside the airport, look for the counter that says Travel Tax. Prepare your ticket/boarding pass, passport and P 1620 for economy class.


Fill up the departure card found on the entrance before the immigration counter. Here you will write your passport details, where you will stay (name of the hotel), purpose of the travel and when you will be coming back. This is to be sure that you will definitely come back.

Once you re done with the immigration counter, your baggage will be scanned through the X-ray luggage scanner. Be sure not to bring items that are not allowed in the airport.

Look for your gate number and wait for your ride!

Due to our excitement, we forgot to look for our gate number before going through the boarding area. Good thing that the first booth that we saw was Cebu Pacific and asked what our gate number was. When we arrived at our gate, we were the last passengers to board.

Travel time from Manila to KL is approximately 3 hours.

Watch out for the next blog about my experience arriving at KL! 🙂