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China Trip Overview

April 30, 2015

China Trip Overview

Ni Hao Beijing!

Beijing, China

I just recently came back from Beijing, China and I’m already missing the windy, chilly, spring weather there. Our flight was 7PM of Apr30 and was expected to arrive at 12MN of May1 but was delayed for 1HR, thanks to the air traffic as per Cebu Pacific.

Beijing China Trip Overview

Beijing Airport

We arrived in Beijing around 1AM (5hrs travel time) sleepy and tired, hoping to get out of the airport as fast as we could. Lo and behold, the immigration checkpoint only had 3 counters available for the foreign passport holders. Local passport holders however had 5-7 counters for them. Imagine the queue from us tourist!

We were able to get pass thru the immigration past 2AM and when we got out of the airport, the line for the cab was long so we decided to just get one of those “colorum” cars. This guy said he’ll drop us at our hotel for 300 Yuan. Since we’re really tired and we dont want to queue anymore, we accepted the offer. Once we arrived at the hotel however, he asked us for another 100 Yuan.  We had no choice but  to give him what he wants.

Tips for travelling in China
It was a one-of-a-kind experience for me. Travelling to a place where  English is not a common language is really hard. Here are a few tips I can give for those who are planning to go to China and doesn’t speak Chinese.

  1. Google Maps is your best friend. Prior to going the country you want to visit, research first on how to get from A to B. It will give you different options on which public transportation to use and what stations you will alight.
  2. Most of the time, their ticket machine is not working  so take a photo of the station (Chinese characters) you want to go to from their fare table and show it to the teller.
  3. Its useless to talk to them in English  so just use  sign language or  point on photos on their menu when ordering for food.
  4. Always check your change. Sometimes when they know you’re not familiar with their money, they’ll give you 5 cents instead of 5 Yuan since you wont even know the difference. They have paper money even for 1 cent.
  5. Most importantly, I didn’t find any small money changer in the cities I’ve been. So make sure you have changed your money at the airport or you have a lot of time to queue at the Bank of Beijing where almost all the tourist change their money.

More posts from China soon.