Spirited Away in Jiufen

We woke up early because our itinerary is far from where we are staying. We wanted to see the “Spirited Away”-inspired place that I often see from Instagram. Once we got to the train station, we saw a guy with fare rates. 185 TWD for the bus ride but will take more than an hour […]

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Finding Dao Ming Si

Our flight was 10PM but we weren’t able to web check in so we had to do it manually. After paying for the travel tax, we went straight to the check in counter. We presented our ROC along with our passports. I think the check in counter girl got pissed off with us giving all […]

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My *Current Night Routine

When I came back from Korea last year, I hoarded on their skin care products. I’ve tried doing their 10-steps (more or less) skin care routine but wasn’t able to keep up with it because of my tight schedule a.k.a laziness. But in the last few weeks of December last year, I decided to give this […]

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