Career Overview

I’m officially working for about 1 year now since I graduated last July 4, 2010 and I already had 2  office jobs  and 1 home-based in that time span. On my first work, I was a home-based multimedia artist and stayed there for about a month. My  second  work lasted for 8 months, I was a  web designer  in a  Forex company. On my current job, I didn t even notice that it s gonna be my 3rd month on the 9th of August.

I would say I kinda like living the adult life, though I have nothing to worry except myself because I’m living with my parents, but I am able to buy myself anything I want without asking for money. My motto in life was “you only live once, so enjoy it!”. But as of July 28, 2011, things will change. I’ve been enjoying my money so much that I am stuck up with savings that s not even close to my age! I dont want to grow up without money! I’ve been reading a lot of articles on how to  save money, control your  shopping  urge… and I think I have to sue those websites for providing wrong information hahahaha! Kidding, but seriously, it s no use! To make myself feel better, I just think that everyone, on their 1st few years of working, they also splurge on whatever they want because once they get tied up, priorities would change. But I also want to have money on my savings because when I look at  my account, I get depress because I was richer back in college. I dont know what I did to that money, it s thrice as my savings now before I graduated but after  graduation. GRRR!

Yeah, I know my  budgeting  skills are poor that s why I cant  save money. So now I have my gameplan. I plan on opening a Passbook account and I really hope this game plan works!

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