Lovers In Burgoo

Last May 14, 2011 was our 22nd Month-sarry and we decided to celebrate it in Burgoo, Mall of Asia Branch.The ambiance is very comfy. I never thought it was that big because when you look at it from outside, it looks like it has the same floor size with Tokyo Cafe. It was fun eating here. Their  table cover  is a white cartolina and the server will write her name there. They also have some crayons so if you want to doodle, you can.

After ordering, they will serve you with water which I really appreciate because they have the initiative.

We ordered Regular Onion Rings (P195), Large Taco  Mexicano  Pizza (P395), Large  Seafood  Liguini (P475) and I ordered Pineapple Juice (P125).

When Onion Rings was served, we asked the server if its only regular, because it was so many! They are bangle-sized onion rings that s about 15-20 pcs! Anyway, it was good and I think it has  cinnamon  on their breading.

Next served was the  Seafood  Linguini. It wasn t that big but it s enough for 4 people. The pasta itself is not that tasteful but the clams and oysters is very delicious. I guess all the flavors of the sauce was absorbed by the  seafoods.

Lastly, the Taco  Mexicano. It also tastes good, but I only ate 1 slice because I was too full already. You should know by now that I’m only 80lbs and I cant (though I want to) eat a lot. So anyway, we were suppose to eat Crepes afterwards, but after seeing all the leftovers, we changed out minds. These leftovers are enough for at least 3-4 people! We  dont know  why we ordered a lot! We were thinking that the back of the mind of the waitress, she was saying FOR REAL?! YOU LL ORDER ALL OF THIS?. So we are not that disappointed, we just want to call this as the eat-a-lot challenge that fail.

<i ll insert the  picture of our leftover later>

I also want to add that the manager, dressed in smart casual, asked table to table if everything is going well. I think they really have a good management because they are the ones who are asking if you need something unlike some restaurants who want you to look desperate raising hands, following up 100x etc…

I love the dining experience and the staff here. They re all friendly and a server even offered us to take our photo (since we were taking photos and Vern is always  just half). Would be dining here soon again since we were given a coupon for buy one take on our next visit. 🙂

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