My Tarot Deck!

My Tarot Deck! ♥-1450

From my past blog, I already told that I’m into tarot cards I’ve been hunting down this Rider-Waite tarotdeck since last week . I’ve been disappointed since most of the stores I’ve asked were either RESERVED or OUT-OF-STOCK. Then I called to Fullybooked and they told me that they have stocks in Fort branch. It’s an advantage because I also work in the Fort. I don’t know why I haven t thought of looking for it there in the first place. I guess it’s not that taboo anymore.

So anyway, it was blazing hot when I went outside to go to Fullybooked. Rode an e-tricycle which took me 30 mins to get there because it maintains 20mph (if I walk it would just take 15 mins but definitely I’ll be a nigga once I got there hahahaha!).

Tarot Cards are located on the 2nd floor (Lifestyle) New Age Section. And at last! My Rider-Waite Cards! I also browsed for something more and there is this pink girly box that says Mystic Dreamer Tarot Deck. I looked at the front box and stare at the girl, she was so hot! I also felt as if she was calling me. You know the feeling when you already convinced yourself that you’ll buy this and seeing that made you confuse all of the sudden? That’s what I felt. I already grabbed the Rider-Waite Deck and walked away, ready to pay for my item and yet, I felt like a gravitational pull that made me want to go back. So I went back and just grabbed the Mystic Dreamer Tarot, I didn’t feel any hesitations in fact I felt light while walking. I don’t know if I’m already on the Girl-in-the-Green-Scarf stage where mannequins talk to me or it’s really just connecting. (I don’t know if you can relate or if you even believe in the paranormal things but I know there re such things). I just remember when I got to the office that I read an article that says wait for the cards to look for you, you don’t have to look for them” and damn, this card is me!

My Tarot Deck! ♥-1448

The girl I’m talking about. BTW, she is Justice 🙂

My Tarot Deck! ♥-1449

Box includes a 240-pages book and the deck, of course 🙂

I can’t wait to be good with this! hahaha! I loved the artwork, gave me an idea for a photo-shoot :))

*Not because you re into tarots doesn’t mean you already sold your soul to the devil. Just a disclaimer for those sh*tty-labeling-stupid-people who might think I’m different and I am in the force of EVIL. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, I am different! And I love it ♥

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