Senti Friday

Senti Friday-1418


It s not a secret that I will be resigning soon and though I’ve been here for just a couple of months (7 months to be exact) I learned a lot of things not just about work but also about life.

This is my  first job  so it really has a place in my heart and memory. It feels like my HS  Graduation  again where all my friends will go to different universities and we wont have the chance to meet again.

Whenever I hear the audio of the TSG Video I did when I was a “trainee”, I feel like I’m being sent back to my first Saturday work and the never-ending revisions of my first task. Yes, during that time I felt like giving up but obviously I didn t. It was like a hardcore battle and I dont have any weapons to fight with them but my mind and my courage.

My first  Bible Study  with them. I was a bit hesitant to join them because I taught we ll just talk about the Bible. But it was during my  great depression  days that I decided to join them and I didn t regret it. We talked about our experience and that s when I felt that they all feel my pain and want to help me to be okay. From that day on, I felt like a change person. My perspective changed and I love what it did to me until now.

And most of all, what I will surely miss here is the people since all of them are my friends. Our early morning chismisan, morning snack kulitan, lunch kwentuhan, afternoon snack asaran and even before we go  homewe still made sure we ll have time for chat! During the time when I felt so lonely, when I was always crying, they never failed to comfort me. But of course, when I finally moved on, they ll tease me for crying that much! HAHAHAHA! I feel loved, cared for, important and treasured whenever I’m with them (unlike my so-called friends who ASKED(more like begged) not to come with them. HAHAHA!)

Hay, I ll miss free food on last Friday of the month, my unacceptable overtimes and all the kulitans we had.

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