Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch-1383

I don’t know what got into me watching this movie though I’ve already read a lot of negative reviews. Maybe I just want to see and review it for myself. It was already 1:00 when we bought our ticket and the movie will start in 15 mins. I thought it was a jam-packed movie house since it’s already showing time, but lo and behold, we were just less than 40 probably.

The movie started as an MTV. It was a very dramatic scene, people moving in slow-motion it can really pass as the music video of the song. Next thing I knew, she’s already at a mental institution.


I think the concept of the movie is for us to go into their own world, specifically Babydoll s. It’s funny though, whenever she’s about to dance, shell just sway her body then we’ll see her fighting with her 4 friends. It wasn’t that bad if it was an adaptation of a Japanese RPG like Final Fantasy or something. But it isn’t so it just looked like a trying hard Japanese RPG/Cosplaying movie.

Overall, it was an OK movie, I know everything that happened in the movie was in their own perspective. Probably what happened in real-life wasn’t really that exciting but we were able to get that Babydoll was successful in her plan. It wasn’t a movie that I would recommend. Action/Graphics/Girls were good. I think that what makes the movie not that bad after all.

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