Tarot Reading: Career

Tarot Reading: Career-1398

Tarot Reading: Career-1398

I’ve been into tarots since I was in High School. I enjoy knowing a bit about my future to serve as a guide. Well, anyway, I’ll be learning Tarot as soon as I buy this book when I have money already. So for now, I’m settling with my Tarot Reading App in my phone. I just installed and asked about my career. I specifically asked if it’s gonna be okay or not and I was shocked with the result.

The spread it uses is Hexagram


It is one of the major methods for fortune telling which uses 7 pieces of cards. It can tell wide fate from past to future.

My reading (I asked if my job/career would be okay)

Past: XII The Hanged Man (Reversed)

The time you can save yourself by helping others, even if you are going through hardships.


The reversed “Hanged Man” means fruitless work and necessity of sacrifice. It makes you feel that your effort will not be rewarded. As a result, it often takes away your broad-mindedness and exhausts your mind. The card also indicates blind love and one-sided love and makes you feel frustrated in love.

* This is so true. If you know me that much, you probably heard/read my ranting about it. Efforts are really not rewarded. I feel like we are slave workers! Last sentence is about love so I don’t think it is not associated with my reading. And I’m not frustrated with love coz I know my bf loves me very much. 🙂

Present: I The Magician

The time when you can take the first step towards the future under any circumstances.
The upright “magician” means that your original ideas or curiosity begins to shine. It also displays a new beginning and unlimited possibility; indicating new encounter. It delivers a message full of hope. No matter the situation you are in at the time, when you pick this card, it encourages you to step toward the future with hope.

* As you may know by now, I already have a new job at a media company. The card might be talking about it because I know in my heart that this decision is definitely good, career-wise.

Future: VI The Lovers

The time when your allure and popularity increase in terms of love, and you feel good fortune approaching.


The upright “Lovers” means the beginning of love or the approach of all the kinds of fortune. This card indicates that you can make your life choice happily, and a new relationship begins cheerfully. The card brings a boost of sexual charm, and the charm leads you to a love related encounter. Instead of trying hard to grab luck, you feel luck coming to you.

*I am not looking for love right now so what I am looking forward to is the approach of all kinds of fortune. For me, beginning of love can also be a good thing because it can mean that me and my bf may start the sparks again (well be celebrating 2 years soon and it still feels like we are in the courtship period). But yes, I feel and hope that luck is coming for me. 🙂

Environment: VII The Chariot (Reversed)

The time when you should try to maintain your current status and be satisfied with it.


The reversed “Chariot” means that you cannot proceed anymore at the moment. It brings failure or obstacles and makes you exhausted mentally in particular. It also indicates that you may suffer from troubles cause by others or false accusations. However, such trouble is necessary for your victory in the end.

* I think it means to be contented with what I have. But will definitely look out for those false accusations!

Unconscious: IV The Emperor (Reversed)

The time when you should not be stubborn and be relaxed enough to ask for help.


The reversed “Emperor” means excessive confidence and a dictatorial situation. It indicates that even though you have power for actions, you become single-minded and that makes you become more passive instead. Although you desperately want to believe in yourself, your action and the result do not support it. Thus you feel stressed.

* So true! I am not boastful or anything but I never really asked for help. I feel like they will tell me I’m stupid just because I am asking for help. Maybe I should really learn to ask for help.

Solution: IX The Hermit (Reversed)

The time when you realize that the key to opening a closed mind is in the relationship with people.


The reversed “Hermit” MEANS THAT YOUR mind is too introverted. It makes you feel impossible to open up yourself and hard to accept others. Naturally, you become passive and develop inferiority complex. The card also indicates a secret. The secret may become your burden.

* What secret could this be? hahaha!

Conclusion: X Wheel of fortune

The time when everything takes a better turn for you and you are blessed with fortunate events.


The upright “Wheel of Fortune” means approaching fortune. It is the time of situational change or movement and the change is something positive. Soon, you shall realize that the changes, which have nothing to do with or even adverse of your will, is the source of your fortune. The card brings luck too.


I was surprised because I thought this reading would be generic or much more related to love. I never thought it would really relate to what I asked! Could this be chances or it’s really my fortune? It’s for me to find out, but I really feel blessed right now. Last year was my bad year so I guess it’s over now. In terms of my career and life I am very contented.

They say good luck is infectious, so I am spreading my virus to all my good true friends. 🙂

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