Year-End Review: 2011-1486

I am a believer of chinese horoscope. Might be because of my 25% chinese blood or I’m just really into the paranormal things. Compared to 2010, which is the year of the tiger (predicted that it was a year of misunderstandings and mishaps), 2011 (rabbit) was the time were everything was settled out.

It has been a so-so or normal year for me. There wasn’t any dramatic changes in my life, no drastic ups and downs unlike in the previous year (2010) where everything was in chaos. I could say that 2011 was a steady year for me because it was the year where everything was settled, misunderstandings were straighten out (well not really, it was more of just  moving on  because it wasn’t really talked about heart to heart).  Career-wise, I was able to  find a job  when I decided I wanna quit, but now at the end of the year, I want to quit again but I’m not yet sure if I want to work right away.

Overall, i’ve learned a lot of things, about myself, how I work, who my real friends are and to whom I can count on. I was able to build new friendship personally and at work. I realized that you dont need many friends, you just need few close ones because most of the time, it s them that you’ll talk to when something good or bad happens to you. I am really happy with my personal life, I have a boyfriend who loves me even if im being bitchzilla, I have close friends that s always there when I want to talk about anything, I’ve also earned friends from my work that I treat as siblings and a I still have my not-so-perfect but happy family.

I cannot say the same for my  career  life though. It seems like im in a dilemma of what I really want to do. No I dont want to be a housewife, I also dont want to be a  call center agent, I dont want to work anything unrelated with my field. Its just that, my current work has made me confuse on what I want to do, what I want to achieve. It has made me too toxic to even function, to follow my dreams (that I  dont know  yet since Im confused).

But anyway, Im definitely looking forward for the year of water dragon. Im not sure if my sign (earth snake) would be lucky but I feel really good and excited about next year. But life is how you perceive it right? And as my previous post said, ‘mind over matter’. I have planned out my goals for next year and I am really in the zone to pursue them. What about you guys? How was your year and plan for next year?

Till the next post! 🙂

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