Babyliss Hot Rollers

Last Thursday, I went to the hair section at SM Department store in Makati. I was waiting for Vern to arrive so just to kill time, I decided to try some curling iron from Babyliss. The saleslady curled my hair and told me that they have 30% off on selected items and the curling iron she is using on me is only P1975 from P2k something. I already had curling iron but it’s from 5 years ago and I think that’s the great great grandmother of those we have in the market right now. Well anyway, I did not buy curling iron (I’ll write different review on that curling iron + comparison between the two), I bought the hot rollers which I’ve been eying on before but subsided and now it’s back because of effing forums.

Babyliss Hot Rollers comes with 20 pcs of rollers in different sizes. It has 8 large, 6 medium and 6 small ones. The box also includes a comb for sectioning, 20 pcs. clips, the adapter thing you plug to the outlet to make it flat (I don’t know what it’s called) and of course, the manual. I bought it for P2279.

It’s so easy to use; you just plug it and wait for it till it’s hot. Do not open the lid so heating process would be faster. (You may plug it before you take a shower) Once it’s hot, I didn’t turned it off while setting it to my hair so as not to lose its heat (it’s just me). This is my hair before:

I waited for 10 mins and this is the result:

If you wait for about 30 minutes you’ll get this result:

I didn’t put any mousse on my hair but I believe you should put it before you curl your hair.

Overall I really love this product. I choose this over curling iron (but I think I’ll buy soon too) because I have colored hair and I think this won’t do a lot of damage to it since the heat is not directly onto my hair. And it also gives me this morning-wave/Victoria’s-secret-curl; it’s very soft and looks natural. I recommend this to girls who love multitasking (like me) because u can do a lot while the rollers are set to your hair. you can do make up, dress up, do chores or whatever you have to do.

*Additional tips I got from my research:

  • Wear mousse before curling
  • Big rollers for your top head (the Mohawk part)
  • Medium rollers for the middle part and the smallest goes to the end
  • Use hair dryer to speed up the waiting time
  • Wash your hair the night before if you’ll curl in the morning, they are most effective with not-so clean hair (if it’s stinky, please wash it!)
  • also, watch YouTube for the tutorials!

Enjoy your babyliss! 🙂

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