Bioré Cleansing Oil

Biore Cleasing Oil

Biore Cleasing Oil

I bought this product after always seeing its video commercial on my Facebook feeds. I’ve also seen a lot of its marketing materials in Watsons and SM department stores. I guess you could say that they really have a powerful marketing campaigns that made people curious (like me) and try to buy their product. It claims that its the #1 brand in Japan and it gently removes makeup even the waterproof mascara (you got me on gently).

So after watching the video commercial, I went to the nearest store and head to the Biore shelf. Luckily it still has 5 more products left because it’s always sold out in most stores. As far as I remember, it only costs P299 for 150ml. Fairly cheap huh.

The verdict:

It did remove my waterproof mascara. I can feel it dissolving my mascara as I gently massage the oil onto my eyes. What I really didn’t like is it constantly goes into my eyes and make my vision blurry and it sometimes sting even after washing my face with cleansing foam. I know you’re not suppose to get it in contact with the eyes but how am I going to remove my mascara without putting it into my lids right?

I would say its a really wonderful product because its true to its claim and its not just gimmick or false advertising. It also removes my MAC Russian Red lipstick which leaves stains on my lips when i’m using a different makeup remover. I’m not sure if I will repurchase because I rarely use waterproof mascara and I still have my SkinFood Makeup Remover. But if you’re into waterproof makeup, this is an amazing product to help you remove everything and make your face clean again.

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