My *Current Night Routine

My *Current Korean Night Routine

When I came back from Korea last year, I hoarded on their skin care products. I’ve tried doing their 10-steps (more or less) skin care routine but wasn’t able to keep up with it because of my tight schedule a.k.a laziness. But in the last few weeks of December last year, I decided to give this another shot.

Skin Background

Prior to going back to my routine, my face has Milia or bumps and pimple marks. I’m not an acne-prone type but I get a few whenever I’m stressed or my period is coming up. But I pick on it until it bleeds and flatten up. I know, it’s the worse thing to do on a zit. 🙁 My skin is also have a very dry especially around the nose area. I notice that when I use the wrong foundation on my face, it looks flaky.

8 / 9 Step Skin Care Routine

I do this routine every night before I go to sleep. Again, I started this routine 3rd week of December 2016 and I’m still continuously doing this.

Step 1 A

Biore Cleasing Oil

Biore Cleansing Oil

This is my Step 1 A because I only use this product when I have waterproof mascara or other stubborn makeup products that’s difficult to remove.

Repurchase product? Yes to cleansing oil but will probably explore different brand.

Step 1 B

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

After removing/softening up the makeup residues, I use Micellar water to cleanse my face. An All in 1 product that will remove light makeup, cleanses and soothes. I wont have to rinse my face with water since this product do the dirty work. Even though I commute only once a week on my coding day, I did not experience any breakouts on not washing my face with cleanser while using this product. Hurray for lazy girls like me!

Repurchase product? Yes! Will explore different brands as well but this is good for its price.

Step 2

Ovale Facial Lotion Aloe Vera Whitening

Ovale Facial Lotion – Aloe Vera Whitening

Although I wanna believe that the Micellar Cleanser did her thing, the skeptical in me wants to make sure that my face is really deeply cleansed. So I use this whitening Facial Cleanser to clean my face even more. I only use half of the cotton ball with this one. This product claims to help brighten up the skin. Honestly, I just bought this because I wanted something lighter than the typical facial cleanser.

Repurchase product? Yes.

Step 3

Holika Holika 3" Starter Hyaluronic Acid

Holika Holika – 3″ Starter Hyaluronic Acid

I sometimes skip this product when I forget. I dont think this is vital in my skin care routine but it helps my skin to absorb the other products quickly.

Repurchase product? No.

Step 4

Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence Intensive

Missha – Time Revolution First Treatment Essence Intensive

Bought this last year when I went to Korea because I found online that this was a holy grail. I didn’t see any big difference on my skin while using this product. But I did notice that it helped lighten my red marks but it’s still visible. And the red marks come back when I stop using this. Honestly, I just didn’t know its use, if its vital in my routine and there were no major improvements in my skin so I’m dropping this.

Repurchase product? No. I didn’t see any difference in using this with my routine.

Step 5

Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 2x

Skinfood – Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 2x

Another product from my Korea Haul. I used up 1 bottle of this and this is the second one. I’m just finishing all of this so it wont go to waste. I didn’t see any big difference on my skin, just a little moisture.

Repurchase product? No but yes to Serum or Ampoule. Will look for other brands with good reviews.

Step 6

Laneige Water Bank Essence _EX Love Marionne

Laniege – Water Bank Essence _EX

Before I used Laniege, I had Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. The sales lady at Rustan’s told me to buy the lotion since I have dry skin but I still bought the gel type. Gel type moisturizers are for oily skin. It did not do anything on my skin, a little moisture but my foundation is still flaky after using this. so I didn’t buy another tube.

This product claims to give 24hr moisture and hydration. I also use this in the morning before I leave for work. I’m so happy with this because it really gives me enough moisture. My face feels soft, with a little oil (and it’s a happy oil) / moisture on my face. My face is no longer dry, patchy and flaky. It was 3rd week of January when my package from Althea arrived with this one so technically I’m just using this for 4-5weeks and I’m already seeing huge difference with my skin texture.

Repurchase product? Yes. This is my fave ♥

Step 7

Mizon Multi Function Formula All in One Snail Repair Cream

Mizon – Multi Function Formula All in One Snail Repair Cream

Koreans love their snail products. When I went to Korea last year, almost every skin care products have their own snail version. I don’t know why but I never bought any snail product when I was there. It was only recently (same time when I received my Laniege) that I tried snail.

The verdict, I loved it sooo much! Was supposed to buy the cheaper Mizon Snail Repair Gel but since I already know that gel is not my friend (dry skin) I opted to buy the cream and it’s the best decision in my life. Red marks on my face started to fade. Yes! In a span of 4-5 weeks, they are getting lighter. The texture of my face is also softer, moisturized and dewy. ♥♥♥

I also include this in my morning routine. 🙂

Repurchase product? Yes to snail! I love this product! ♥

Step 8

Skinfood Royal Honey Propolis Shield Cream

Skinfood – Royal Honey Propolis Shield Cream

More creams!!! This was a best seller in Korea, as per the sales lady and comes with 2 bottles of the Black Sugar Serum above. Even though I already applied the Snail Cream, I still use this after because this is creamier and thicker than the previous one. Every morning when I wake up, it leaves my skin baby soft and with the right amount of oil and moisture.

Repurchase product? No. Will try Guerisson 9 Complex Cream instead.

Step 9 A

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask - Love Marionne

Laniege – Water Sleeping Mask

Another best seller in Korea. Beauty bloggers swear by this product. It was good when i first used it. It really gave my face a nice and soft feeling in the morning.

Repurchase product? No, maybe another brand.

Step 9 B

Snow Skincare – Aura Whitening Booster Mask

This product is not Korean, it’s Thai and I bought it in Pop Culture in Trinoma for P1500. I was intrigued with Thai skin products so I decided to give this one a try. The result is instant. You’ll definitely see your face glowing the morning you wash your face. But it will only take effect on the day you used it.

Repurchase product? Probably yes. Would use this on special occasions.

Whew! What a long routine right? But nope, it doesn’t take me that long to do this routine every freakin’ night. I’m a lazy girl so I don’t like doing things too long. So I’ll share my secret weapon and it’s…

Portable fan!

After applying a product and massaging my face with it for a while, I put the fan on my face until the product is absorbed on my face or dry. So it doesn’t take me the whole night for this routine. The fan is my best friend.


I love how my skin look and feel after doing this routine. I know that the products are absorbed on my face when I try to smile and I feel tightness on my face. I especially love my face in the morning. Skin is hydrated, moisturized and soft like a baby bum! My face had a few bumps but upon doing this routine for less than 3 months, they faded and become smoother. I also had 2 upcoming zits on my forehead but when I woke up, they became flat did not push through with their plan hahaha.

Tip: There are so many products to use if you’re gonna follow the Korean Skin Care Steps. My advice is to go with the water-based products first followed by the next thicker product until you reach the creamiest/heaviest texture which are mostly creams. Overnight masks are always the last one to apply.

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