Surprise Essence Concealer

I’ve been wanting to buy a nice concealer since I already finished my elf concealer (which is not good, btw), I’ve read a lot about drugstore concealers but I was afraid that I would just be wasting my money since what I want, a Fanny Serrano Concealer Stick, is not available in our mall.

So anyway, I dropped by Etude House and I immediately tried their concealer (My face already has a lot of concealers from all the “try me” in the department store and Body Shop) but it was this one that caught my attention. I placed it on my reddest spot I could find on my face and I walked around the stores for a while, and when I look back, I can’t remember where I put my concealer.


This product is okay (P298) I prefer liquid concealers rather than the stick because I think I have more control on the product when it is in liquid form. Coverage is pretty good. it does its job decently. I am not yet sure whether it lasts all day since I haven t been out yet. It comes with a doe applicator and you only need a few to cover up. It is small in size, it the same size as an elf concealer but smaller in diameter.

(Left: bare face, Right: with concealer)

As you can see from the photo above, it did lessen the visibility of my zits, but since my zits are not flat, it’s hard to cover them up. and I didn’t put any foundation after.

I have to try other concealers though, I still want the Fanny Serrano concealer (I was so convinced with all the reviews I’ve read). I don’t want to but those expensive concealers yet since I haven’t tried the “best” in the drugstore world.

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