Real MAC Lipsticks

I am no Mac expert. If you’ve been reading my previous posts you’ll know that I am just a Mac newbie. And because of that, I was inspired to do this post! As you may have known, I am selling few Mac lipsticks online and the first question that people ask me is if it’s authentic. Though I know myself it’s authentic, I can’t just show them the receipt from Mac store coz I don’t think it would be necessary. You can print receipts or something. I was also curious on what could be the difference between the original and the fake ones so I did a little research. I don’t own a fake one so I can’t really compare them side by side but I’ll give you a link on YouTube about that later on.

So let s start!

First let’s have the box. As you can see below, the MAC logo is placed NOT in the middle of the box and there is a significant space between the logo and the description of the lipstick. I edited the 2nd box to see if the space would be enough to copy the logo, and yes it was. Also the description of the lipstick has special characters on it, the à & È on the phrase ROUGE à LÈVRES. Another thing is the sequence of the weight below the description, you have first the net wt./g/us/oz and then the large e comes after everything. I’ve searched for a photo of the fake one and it’s on the 2nd one below.


(got the photo from

3. The lipstick case is sparkly and not matte black. And the shape reminds me of a bullet (gun) with rounded top.

(photo from the google images)

4. The 2 dots from Mac logo at the cap are always perfect.

5. The sticker at the bottom of the lipstick has a detailed description and not just some black stickers with number on it.

6. The last is the Mac logo inside. It should be located at bottom near the embossed circle. I’m not sure though if the space is actually the same as the box (could fit another logo below) but I think it’s almost the same. The space here could be 25% smaller than the one on the box. And also, I believe that the holder itself is not mirror-like or has too much reflection.

(photo from

7. I also want to emphasize on the font they use. Mac logo uses an extended letters. A very good description on that is, it is short and stout.

8. Mac lipstick also has a very strong vanilla scent. I’ve watched a vlog that owns a fake ones and she says they smell like acrylic. YIKES!

Well, that was all I could research. I’m not sure if all the descriptions are applicable to all Mac lipsticks coz I only have the regular ones (such a newbie! don’t know what they’re called!) so if there’s more you want to add or you want to correct, just comment down below. I am not really into buying expensive cosmetics coz they expire quickly but I am also against buying fake ones coz you’ll never know what in them. Just like #7, lipsticks smelling like paint?! That’s really scary.

My point is, don’t buy anything fake just for the sake of having them especially the ones that we use in our bodies. Not only lipsticks but also pills, other cosmetics, even nail polish! (What if your nails melt?!) Just buy something affordable. It may not have a big name but you’ll know it’s safe.

Whew, that was long so that’s it for now!

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