Laser Hair Removal

Having armpit hair is one of the most hassle and embarrassing moment a girl could ever experience. I’ve been a wax-patron since college but now that I’m working, I had a hard time getting an appointment because I had a lot of things to juggle. So I looked for a remedy that s affordable and yet will make my life easier forever.

Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetic  clinic is very nice. It really looks high-class and you wont even think that their services are really affordable. The staff are very well trained, they looked elegant and whenever I see them, they re always in a soft, well-bred manner. They dont laugh like hyenas or gossip (well at least not in front of the clients i guess hahaha!)

Last Saturday, I had my second session for my  laser hair removal  in the armpit. Im writing a review right now because I want to see first if it s really that effective or not. My first session took place last May 21, 2011.

*For those who are planning on undergoing this kind of treatment, the only preparation needed prior to that, you have to grow your armpit hair. No plucking or waxing! The machine targets the roots of the hair so if you pluck/wax, the machine wont be able to see it. Also dont put anything on your armpits (deodorant etc…)

On my first session, my armpits hair were very bushy. I grew my hair for a month! It s because I’m supposed to have my session 2 weeks before May 21, but they had this “maintenance” thing on the machine since they only have 1 candela. I consulted with their doctors (it s free!) before they can let me go on with the procedure.

On the candela room, I was asked to lie down, and to wear shades they provided and the girl will say if she ll start with the treatment already. I have high-tolerance with pain, just so you know. I just smelled burnt hair and felt a little bit of burning sensation but its relieved fast because the girl (I forgot to ask her name! :c) has ice packs ready. Before you know it, you re done!

After the session I immediately went to the restroom to look at my newly treated armpit and I was a bit disappointed because it has a lot of black dots that looked like newly-shaved. Yes, she told me that THAT black dots were the burnt hair and will fall off after a few weeks. But I was a bit skeptical, I thought my treatment was a waste so I booked for an appointment 2 weeks after the session. After a week, I noticed that they really fall off easily (not allowed to wax/pluck! only shave). On the week of my suppossed-to-be appointment, I noticed that I only have few  hair growing  and it s not even noticable. I was  indeed  impressed because I never thought that 1 session can do something this great! SO I had it rescheduled last July 2, 5 weeks after my 1st session.

On my second session, the girl who also did the first treatment asked me on what s the condition now and I told her I dont have a lot of hair anymore. When she looked at it, she told me that I responded to the treatment very well. I felt pain during the second session because hair is thinner and they have to increase the power of the machine. She told me that whenever she laser my armpits, hair that s supposed to grow pop out of my pores. After the session, I noticed black spots again which now I know is really burnt hair.

I am very happy and satisfied and I encourage all of the girls to have your  laser hair removal  here. I am not paid to  advertise  them, I am just one of their very satisfied customers because I am hairy and I am so amazed that now I have few hair there because of them. I am also thinking of getting  Genesis treatment(laser peel  for the face) but I will consult with them first since they offer free consultations as I’ve said before. So, girls who want to live hassle-free life, go to Shinagawa. I assure they are not one of those puchu-puchu clinics and you ll love this place too. They really invested on their place and they have nice  chandeliers  too. I love it!

Shinagawa Lasik &  Aesthetic

Mezzanine, Tower 2, The Enterprise Center, 6766 Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati City


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