My Mary Kay Haul

My Mary Kay Haul-1467

My Mary Kay orders just arrived! Yey! I e been using a lot of their product samples since my mom is a Beauty consultant and I also read a lot of reviews for this brand and they all loved the product and I’m loving them too! I am not saying this because my mom sells them, but we all use their products even my brothers! My mom has almost ALL of their skin care products and she loves them, my brother uses Acne-Prone products, me I e tried their TimeWise Foundation, Concealer, Lip Crème, Mineral Eye makeup, Microdermabrasion set and MelaCep Night Cream. I e only used their samples since its free (given by my mom), the only product that’s not in sample was the concealer. Anyway, I’ll just have extensive reviews on each product ASAP but for now.

I want to introduce to you my Mary Kay haul!!!

My Mary Kay Haul-1468

I have:

  1. TimeWise Luminous Foundation in Beige 2 (I told you I’ve tried this one before but I tried the Matte which is not for my skin type because it’s for oily skin. Creamy so I only use small amount on my face. Best of all, NO HEAVY FEELING, feels like you don’t even have it on!)
  2. Concealer in Beige 2 (very creamy, I only use dot-size for my dark circles)
  3. Brow Definer in Brunette (Glides smoothly, soft but not brittle)
  4. Crème Lipstick in Sunset (very pigmented and creamy so it doesn’t fade unless you eat a lot)
  5. Nourishine Lip Gloss in Pink Diamonds (a bit sticky but it doesn’t fade quickly too)
  6. MelaCep Foaming Cleanser Whitening System (It’s for reducing dark spots and even and brighter skin tone. I e tried the sample for about a week and I fell in love with the product so I decided to buy one.)
  7. TimeWise Eye Revitalizer (for dark circles just like the eye roll on of garnier. I just used this since last night so I don’t know if it’s effective or what. But I love the cool, relaxing feeling it gives on my eyes)

I didn’t experience any breakouts in using any of their products, but I’m not saying it’s applicable to all of you guys. Using any products, Mary Kay or not is like taking the risks. Not everyone has same skin situation and “hiyang”

More to come! I love their skin care products the most. As for the makeup, I think I’ll have more of their Lipstick and stick to their foundation (really nice), concealer and the pencil. I don’t like their eye makeup because I don’t like the packaging HAHA!

Overall, you may think they’re expensive because of the amount (size) you’ll get but you’ll only use few/small quantity of products because they’re concentrated. Example is my concealer, that small tube costs P350 (8.5 grams) but like I said, I only use dot-size of concealer and anything more than that would be like foundation already.

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