Prettia Hair Dye

Prettia Hair Dye Review-1422

I’ve been busy reading Female Network forum lately. I wasn’t really into hair coloring now since I’ve already told myself I I’ll have my hair coloring session this June in Hairshaft Salon (Fort Bonifacio) using L’Oréal INOA. But things got pretty interesting after reading a lot of good reviews from Prettia Hair Dye. It’s a Japanese Brand and uses foam to color your hair and I really want to color my hair so bad… as in sssoooo bad that I couldn’t even wait for June for a professional hair coloring!

Prettia Hair Dye Review-1422

For around 3 days I’ve been contacting Multiply sellers, some sold them for P700, and some has P650. But I am very specific with the shop I am going to buy to. I want a shop that has on hand items and could meet me up because I’m so effing excited to dye my hair and I know I won’t be able to wait another day to get it! And also, I’m looking for a specific color which is Chiffon Beige. None of the sellers I’ve seen have this on hand.

But all of my hard-work paid when I finally saw my Chiffon Beige and can meet me up to get my item! Geisha-Secret at Multiply! Very accommodating! I bought Chiffon Beige and Milk Tea Brown. I immediately colored my hair once I arrive home. I decided to color my hair with Milk Tea Brown first because Chiffon Beige is to light and I thought the color won’t show that much, but then again, I was wrong.

Overall, I’m very happy with my hair coloring. Somehow it looks even and only I can see the imperfections. I got a lot of compliments about my hair color at my office. But for me, ugh! my eyebrows sucks! (that’s where I focus). I didn’t put some dye on my eyebrows because I was waiting if my hair will really go 2 shades lighter. I was really hesitant to dye my eyebrows because I am not expecting for the color from the box! But then I still put some dye on my eyebrows (around 1 teaspoon). But when I finally washed it off, I also washed the dye from my eyebrows (which is just about 5 mins since I placed them) so It didn’t color.

I think it’s also a blessing in disguise because it is not really for eyebrows. I’ll just buy a Sally Hansen facial bleach crème that has a lot of good reviews. At least that, I can use for my eyebrows.

Keep posted for my Prettia Hair Dye Tutorial. I will be writing that over the weekend since I’ve heard that the color goes lighter and more vibrant each day.

Oh, and if you’re curious on what damage it does to my hair, I’m not sure yet. My hair is a bit dry after washing even if I used cream silk conditioner. I also used the leave on cream that’s included in the kit and it smoother. This morning I used my Garnier cream conditioner and applied L’Oréal anti-frizz and it’s not that dry anymore. My hair is also smooth now just like my old hair but I don’t know if it’s because of the products I used. I think all hair dyes are drying but giving enough attention will lessen the damage.

Here’s a teaser pic (please ignore my eyebrows):

Prettia Hair Dye Review-1423

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