PureBeauty Treatment Shampoo

At first, I just wanted to try this brand since it has nice packaging and logo which looked elegant for a P199 price.

I haven t colored my hair back when I first bought it but on my first use, I immediately felt my hair was more “bagsak” and shinier. But as I continue to use it, I felt that it wasn’t doing anything for my hair anymore (I had colored hair already) so when it was finished, I didn’t bother buying it again.

I used Sunsilk for a while but it made my hair dry and I noticed whenever I shampoo my hair, a lot of hairs are tangled on my fingers. After drying my hair it’s so dry and unmanageable, I can even create wig using my fallen hairs! I know colored hair needs more treatment but I never thought it would be this hard maintaining. I even used conditioner but it doesn’t make a difference, still sticky specially after waking up.

I decided to buy my 2nd bottle of Pure Beauty Treatment Shampoo at Watson s and I love it. I never realized that it’s that good since I used it before and after I had my hair colored until I tried other shampoo. On my first use (2nd bottle), I still have falling hair when shampooing but on the 2nd day it lessened and as of now, it doesn’t tangled that much anymore and minimal falling hair. I don’t even need to brush my hair because it’s softer now and I don’t have those “mahangin ba sa labas?” moments. My favorite hair-time is every morning when I wake up because it’s really soft and I felt like I had conditioner but I didn’t. I think I’ll stick with this shampoo for now because it’s really good with my treated hair, it’s a treatment shampoo after all. And for the price of P199, it could last up to 1-2 months. Scent is very nice too. It’s has a subtle scent, like talc and it’s not overpowering. Overall, this shampoo is very worth it!

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