Make Your Own Bows

I remember having a lot of excess strips of textiles when I trimmed some skirt I bought for P50 in a thrift shop. I decided to make use of them and turn them into bows. I’made 2 bow clips a bow ring and bow necklace. You can also try doing this yourself. You are not only saving textiles, you also have a partner bows with your clothes.

Materials needed:

  • Strips of Cloth
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine


1. Cut the textile to 9 x 6.5 in and cut them into 4 parts.

2. Get a piece and fold it crosswise.

3. Sew the outside part leaving a thumbhole at the top part. This is where you’ll turn it inside out.

4. Once you’ve turned it inside out, sew the outer edge to secure its place.

5. Fold it into two crosswise and fold the outer edge again.

6. Secure them with pin first.

7. Cut another piece that s around .75 inches. Fold the outer edge inside then wrap it around your pinky finger. Sew the edge. Make sure that the bow will fill inside. You can tighten it by sewing them once the bow is already in its place.

8. Voila! You have your own bows! I’made 4, 2 bows will be for clips. Use glue gun on the clip. For the necklace, you can tie a thread on the back part then insert the chain.

Have fun!

My next project is a floral corset/bustier top. I still need to buy some floral textiles though. I hope to finish to project within 2 weeks. Have to make time for that!

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