I’ve been eyeing on Panasonic s GF2 dual lens for almost a month or more. I tried calling stores and looking for it but I cant find it anymore. Since I found nothing, I just inquired on  online shops  if they have the GF2 dual lens in white. I texted a lot of  online shops  but only few replied.

So anyway, I’m supposed to buy from Kimstore but she told me that she doesn’t have it anymore. So I decided to buy it in dbgadgets because I know it s a trusted seller. Honestly, I felt no excitement while talking to him. I wasn’t even happy when I paid for my gadget. This is just like  business  for him. I’ve been  an online  seller and I see to it that whenever I talk to customers, I insert smileys even if they re already annoying.

So on the day of our meet-up (December 5,2011), I texted him 1:49PM to confirm our 6PM meet up and he said ‘yup tuloy’. I texted him that I was already in SM Makati at around 6:04PM, a bit embarrased coz I’m late for 4 mins, but I got no reply so I decided to wait in Foodcourt. At 6:27, I still haven t got any reply. If I hadn t known that this seller already has his reputation, I would have thought that he bailed on me. I was also giving him the benifit of the doubt that he was stuck in  traffic  or it s Filipino time. I dont wanna call coz I dont want to give him the impression that I am too excited for my item and I cant even wait. So I just left him a call. And so, he replied. He told me to text Tony (delivery man). I am sooooo damned pissed! Waiting for him for about 30 minutes! HELLO CUSTOMER-SERVICE!! He could ve told me earlier that I would get the item from Tony and not from him!! What really pissed me off is when I asked Tony on how long has he been staying there (He s at Mcdo Glorietta), he told me that he s been there since 11AM. I texted David at 1:49PM, so why didn t he told me that he s not the one delivering the item?? I know for a fact that he already has a lot of clients that day, but is it too much to ask for us (buyers) to be informed especially in an important matter like this? I texted him that he could have told me beforehand that I would get the item from his delivery man and this is the reply I got:

“Madame dn kc xang kadeal. Kaya d ko pde ipasa sbay sbay”

Is he courteous?


Is he even sorry for the miscommunication?  DEFINITELY NO! From the text I got, it looks like he s blaming Tony. This is not the first time I bought a gadget online. I used to buy from Kimstore and I NEVER experience any inconvenience. I am also very happy talking to Kimstore even if she s not able to reply fast, she s very courteous. This is my first time dealing with DB Gadgets and it sucks! So much stress! It s a good thing the prices are lower compared to malls (but still higher compared to Kimstore).

So, will I still buy gadgets online?

Definitely yes!!

Will I buy again from DB Gadgets?

No way!! Never again! This guy doesn’t know how to communicate well to his customers. Doesn t know how to apologize.  Business is business  and no customer-service.

I’may sound like his secretary, but to all those who will meet-up with him, ask for Tony s number. Or, just buy from different store. He spoiled the “feeling of excitement” in getting a  new gadget  coz all I got was stress. Thank God I’m happy with my gadget, but not with the experience in getting it.  I’m not asking to be prioritized, just a good customer-service.

Thanks for reading!

*I ll be posting photos once I update this.

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