NBI e-Clearance

NBI e-Clearance-1539

NBI e-Clearance-1539

I’ve heard and read a lot of horror stories about getting your NBI Clearance for the first time. They say that it’s very nerve-racking because of all the lines you have to go through. This is my first time to get this though I’ve been working for almost 2 years. I decided to go through the website of the National Bureau of Investigation to know the process so I would be prepared when I go to their main office and saw this online application.

So here’s what I did for the Online Application:

  1. You need to pay first thru GCash the amount due depending on the purpose, mine was P140 for Local Employment.  I encashed P140 on my Gcash account and sent the money to  2882917563805  with this format,  Amount <space> MPIN.  In case you are not familiar with GCash, you may visit their site  here. Anyway, you can view the NBI Clearance prices based on the purpose here.
  2. Once the payment was sent, you will receive SMS message from Gcash confirming that you have sent the money to National Bureau of Investigation along with a Reference Number. You will use this reference number to register your account.
  3. After registering your account you will be asked to fill out some personal details. Update your information then  what you need to do is to click Print  under the Ref. No. column. You will need to present this QR Code on the Main Office as proof of application.
  4. You can now book an appointment with them by texting  09175638054  in this format, BOOK  <space> LOCATION  <space> MMDDYYYY  <space> HHMM  <space> NAME. For example, in my case, BOOK NCR 11082012 1000 JESSICA MARIONNE CRUZ. I dont think they have a cut-off on when they would be able to reply to you, but I texted them around 7:35PM and they confirmed my text a minute after.

Here’s the actual process when I arrived at the Main Office in United Nations Avenue:

  1. I was at the NBI office around 9:45AM, I asked where I would be going for the e-clearance and they told me it was located at the 4th Flr of  the Building. The 1st floor of the building was for those who are filling up the form, 2nd floor was for the picture-taking and 3rd floor was the Biometrics section. I skipped these 3 floors and went directly to 4th floor. On the top floor,  I was  bit hesitant to go further so I stopped mid stairway because I saw a  sign there that says “Only employees can go here” or something like that, so I just asked some people on the third floor where the e-clearance section was located and they confirmed to me that it’s upstairs and there I saw the sign of e-clearance on the door.
  2. I was the only one there so instead of dropping my QR Code on the box provided outside, I just gave it to the guy at the door and he let me in on this small office.
  3. He asked me to present a Valid Government ID that has the same data on the application you provided.
  4. Then I was asked to sit in front of a lady in computer with white tarpaulin on my back, she scanned the QR, took photo of me (without even letting me know!) and guided my fingers on the biometrics machine.
  5. The guy printed my receipt, gave it to the lady and wrote Nov 13, 2012 at the back. She asked me to go back on that day but since I saw an LBC ad on her table, I asked her if I can just just have it delivered instead of coming back and I she said yes.
  6. I went to 3rd floor where there’s an LBC kiosk and I just wrote my personal details and paid P85 which is much cheaper than the fare I have to pay going back and forth. I told them that my clearance would be released by Nov 13 but they told me that it’s usually faster if its e-clearance. They even told me to wait for it by Saturday but let’s just wait and see.
  7. I left the building without feeling any stress at 10:00AM.

It was really that fast and easy to apply for online clearance. I’m not sure if it’s much more expensive than the regular one but it’s definitely worth it because you dont have to sweat and wait in line.


  • Do not wear Shorts, Sleeveless and Slippers.
  • It’s easier if you cash in the payment on your GCash account first (Your Phone to NBI Account) instead of directly sending it to them (Globe Center to NBI Account) just to be sure.
  • Bring valid ID
  • Dont forget to print out the QR Code because there was no printing area around. I walked straight to Western Union to have mine printed.


I did get my NBI Clearance last Saturday! 3 days early on the said date.

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