Pancake House: Dreamy Choco Lava

Dreamy Choco Lava Mini  Pancake  is a sinful delight for those who are in a strict diet.  It s a 4-layer chocolate HOTcake (it s still warm when I ate it) topped with  chocolate syrup  and nope, it s not a vanilla ice cream, its whipped cream.

I am not a chocolate lover but I really loved the taste of its chocolatey hotcakes that works well with the whipped cream so as not to make it too sweet.  Price  is P138 for 1 person only, but since I’m almost full from the pasta I ate, I shared it with vern and I’m not bitin. I think it s just enough for me.

dreamy choco lava


Presentation: definitely tempting

Taste:    I super love it! Maybe because it s something new for me since I’mostly eat  pancakes  served as crepes.

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