Splendido Hotel, Tagaytay

Splendido Hotel Morning View Tagaytay

March 30, I booked a room online at Splendido Hotel in Tagaytay for our Anniversary thru their site. The room was Premier deluxe Queen with mountain view and free breakfast for P5500 inclusive of taxes. I saw the same room in booking.com with the same price but booking.com excludes the 10%-12% vat and service charge so apparently, its not really cheaper booking from them. So anyway, check-in time is 2pm but we arrived there 3pm.

Going there…

I had waze on but it stopped in front of the Potter’s Ridge Hotel but it wasn’t Splendido yet. So we tried calling the numbers they gave on my eVoucher, but I don’t know if it’s working because we didn’t get any response. We stopped for a while to try to get in touch with them, tried calling mobile & phone numbers, but nope. Still no answer. So we decided to just ask Potter’s Ridge for direction since their customer support is not really supporting.

Took a photo of the view while waiting for Splendido to answer our calls. 🙂

Tagaytay View


When I arrived at the reception, a customer is still being processed but were given a welcome drink. I heard the guy beside me, also checking in, paying P3000+ for his room (discounted) and was also offered a drink. I, on the other hand, was paying full for our room but was never offered any drink. The check-in process was not fast because they still have to confirm my online booking and in my mind I was still waiting for someone to offer me what they have offered the 2 guests before me. No I dont like the juice, but I would appreciate the offer if it ever happened.

The Room

Splendido Hotel, Tagaytay

After checking in, we went straight up to our room. The lift was fast and we didn’t have to wait that long. I heard from the receptionist that they only have 22% of the hotel booked.

Splendido Hotel, Tagaytay

Anyway, the room was nice and so is the view. I love the lighting of the room, the pillows were great, the bed, even the toiletries. The toothbrushes provided were in good quality. The bar however was expensive.

Once we finished unpacking, we went straight to the ‘cafe’ on the 4th floor but they only serve breakfast there. So we went to the other tower for our meal and this is also where the pool and bowling  area were located. We were serviced by a golf cart going there.

Splendido Hotel, Tagaytay

For our late lunch/merienda/early dinner, I ordered Filipino style Spaghetti good for 2-3 persons and calamansi juice. However they don’t offer a ‘charge to room’ for your meal so you have to pay there.

Splendido Hotel, Tagaytay

Right after eating, we went for a swim. The pool was ours but then after 20 minutes it started to rain so we just headed back to our room.

Splendido Hotel, Tagaytay

Since it was already raining, we asked for someone to pick us up from tower 2 going to tower 1. We waited 10-15 mins before they arrived and the rain is not really that bad anymore. We just cant walk going to tower 1 because we had no umbrella and it’s an uphill battle. Hahaha! The struggle of being 27 is real, I could go uphill if I was 23 but now, I would just wait. We took the complimentary 2 bottled water from the room and had coffee right after.

Splendido Taal Country Club

While waiting for the golf cart, I just took a picture of their lobby.

Splendido Hotel, Tagaytay

Splendido Hotel, Tagaytay

Back in our room, we watched a movie first before we head out for our anniversary dinner. When we were getting ready, we had an unexpected visitor. We had to kill him before he gets to us. Hahaha!

Splendido Hotel, Tagaytay

Splendido Hotel, Tagaytay

I wanted to show off the zoom power of my camera so here’s a video.

Next day

Buffet breakfast starts at 6AM until 10AM. They have macaroni soup, garlic rice, omelettes, beef tapa, tocino, scrambled eggs. You can also have bread with different spreads and some fresh fruits. It was good but not great. Typical breakfast, nothing special but its okay unless you want to go out and eat at Breakfast at Antonio’s.

Check out

Upon check out, I informed the receptionist about our unexpected visitor. I saw from her necklace the name Liezl/Leisl, cant remember which. They gave back my P1500 security deposit and a shock look from telling them that we found and killed a cockroach in our room. I was waiting for them to apologize or a simple “I’m sorry to hear that” would be very much appreciated. I told them in a nice & informing way because I know there’s nothing we could do about it anyway. But just like the welcome drink, it never happened. I dont know if they really have that welcome drink but I saw them being offered on the guest before me and the guest beside me. I dont know if it’s because I look like a teenager or whatever. But given the chance, I would’ve just book in other hotels. Was eyeing on booking at Estancia but they dont have an online booking and we needed it in 2 days. Or maybe next time, in Escala with a very nice view.

Would I rebook? No, you can book with more beautiful hotel with the price of their rooms.

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