White Hat Yogurt

I’ve always wanted to try the yogurt from White Hat whenever I see their place at the mall. So while we were at Glorietta with 2 of my  girlfriends, I didn’t hesitated to ask them to try out the yogurt.


White Hat  yogurt offers a  variety  of yogurt (plain is P90) and toppings from cereals to fruits (+20 each). I ordered  Plain Yogurt  topped with  Chocolate Syrup  and  Choknut. I forgot where I place my  receipt  but I only paid P125 for everything which is confusing me a bit since I know that  additional  toppings is P20 each. Well anyway, the yogurt tasted like it is in the middle of being  sweet and sour. It was my mistake eating a lot of Choknut before I finished my yogurt that s why it turned bland and I can only its coldness. But it s okay, I enjoyed ¾ of my yogurt and I’m happy.

I am not a yogurt expert but I would say I like this better than the grocery-yogurt I’ve tried. The reason why it lacks one heart is that it lacks the free-water service. I think they focused too much on selling because obviously when you eat something sweet, you ll get thirsty that s why they have bottled waters ready on their fridge. I don’t want to compare but at least in Red Mango, they serve water with your yogurt and it s cheaper by P10.


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