Bohol Adventure

For our 1 day stay in Bohol, we decided to just get a tour so we wont have to think about our itinerary anymore. After having our breakfast, around 8am, the driver/tour guide was already at our hotel to start our adventure.

Our first stop the Chocolate Hills.



After viewing the majestic Chocolate Hills, we were asked if we want to try the ATV to see them up close. And since it’s still early, we decided to go for it and paid P400.


This is how close we were. Overall it was a fun experience and I’m happy we did it. It was also my first time to drive and ATV so I was always at the back with the guide (tour guide from the ATV rental store). After 30mins or so, we went back to the store to return the ATV and go to our next destination.


Man made Forest

On our way to the Butterfly Garden, we stopped in the middle of the road to take some photos on the famous Man Made Forest.

Butterfly Garden

There’s a guide explaining the different kinds of butterflies but honestly, there’s nothing much to see here.

Loboc River Lunch Cruise

For our lunch, we ate at a buffet cruise complete with live performances. There was a small waterfalls and we were dropped off to a village that reminds me of Tiger Lily’s in Peter Pan. Overall it was okay.


After lunch, we dropped by to a church that was destroyed during the earthquake. Churches in Bohol were built since the Spanish era.



For our last stop, we went to see the very cute and shy Tarsiers. Honestly, it was only around 3pm but we already feel so tired.




After this, we just went to a tourist store to buy peanut kisses and other souvenirs. Around 4 or 5pm, we asked our driver/guide to drop us off to the ferry going to Cebu because we also have to leave on that day. It was tiring but we had so much fun. As far as I can remember, we only paid less than P1500 for the whole day with lunch buffet included. The guide was also very talkative but informative so I think it helped us not to feel tired during the tour. The car used was new Vios.

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