Finding Dao Ming Si

Taipei 101 Taiwan

Our flight was 10PM but we weren’t able to web check in so we had to do it manually. After paying for the travel tax, we went straight to the check in counter. We presented our ROC along with our passports. I think the check in counter girl got pissed off with us giving all our documents all at once so she decided to give us random seats. We are a group of 5 and our seats were all spread out. What I call the “find your friends” challenge. I know that the seats were really random but I’m sure she purposely gave us separate seats. I have no one sitting beside me and so are my other friends.

The plane is a 9-seater plane so imagine us being scattered inside the plane. 🙂

Taoyuan Airport

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Anyway, we arrived in Taoyuan Airport in schedule and went straight to the immigration. Their airport has free wifi so I was able to contact our service to our place. Immigration took  40mins.

I exchanged Php4,000 inside the airport and got . Exchange rate was 0.55 plus 30TWD charge. I survived with this amount of money until the morning of our last day.

I asked our airbnb host to arrange a pick up service to his place and we got Volkswagen T5. We paid 1000 TWD (200/each since we’re a group of 5) to the driver.

It took around 45mins from the airport to our place in Banqiao District. Once we arrived in our apartment, we ate a light midnight snack near our place. We had soya bean drink, xiao long bao, some other dumpling I forgot the name, and scrambled eggs with bean sprouts.

New Taipei

This is what it looks like outside our Airbnb apartment. The yellow sign “Beef Noodles” is the best we’ve tried so far.

And of course, a mandatory ootd photo while waiting for the bus. The bus here are always in schedule. The perks of having the government mandate their public transportation, they dont have “boundaries”.

National Taiwan University

We bought our pass in 7eleven for 100 TWD and it’s a good thing I asked the cashier if it already has cash inside. He said that the card was 100 and we need to add money inside so we loaded another 100 TWD. This card can be used in the train station as well as for the buses.

Of course, the first stop of our trip is to find Dao Ming Si but it was Ximen who we saw!

We were welcomed with the overflowing Bike University.

On our way to the main campus, we saw this botanical garden and thought it was like a set for a home magazine cover. Hahaha!

Once we saw a glimpse of the main campus, a flash back on how Shancai was bullied on that same ground came back to me.

Actually, that was it. hahaha! Here we are heading back to the train station.

But we decided to stop at Dante Cafe to eat brunch and take some very university magazine photos. hahaha!

Taipei 101 Observatory

We booked our ticket via Klook and claimed it at the 5F. The cashier told us that the view was not clear but since we are already there, we decided to just go with it.

Taipei city view from observatory

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The elevator only took 37 secs to reach 89F from 5F, the fastest elevator as they say. Up in the observatory, it was the same as what I saw when I went up in Macau Tower before. the view was a bit foggy so you wont really be able to appreciate it. I think the best time for this is night time so there will be a lot of lights.

In the 87F, you’ll find the world’s largest & heaviest wind damper. It helps the building keep its balance during earthquakes or typhoon.

In the outside observatory, the 91F, we saw nothing. It was foggy so nothing can be seen. We ended our tour here by going down the stairs. Then we were welcomed by expensive carved jade, amethysts, corals etc… Some costs as much as 1.3M TWD. Its so scary to even be close to them because they look so fragile and they’re gundam (goddamn) expensive!

When we went out of the mall, it was raining so we waited until it’s just a light shower rain before we headed out to take our bus.

We were supposed to go to another stop which is the Moon Bridge but I told them I would pass and just take a rest for a while in our apartment and just meet them up in the night market. But they were also tired so we decided to return home and leave again for the night market.


Ximending is like Myeongdong but less makeup and more novelty items and street food. Food everywhere. We decided to try the famous Hotstar Fried Chicken which is also available here in the PH.

Hot star large fried chicken! 🍗

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Will be giving details on the food we ate on another blog post.

Ximending is not only a haven for the food lovers but also for shoe lovers. They have a lot of shoe stores that has NMD which is 404 in PH or super OVERPRICED and some limited designs not available in PH. It’s not really cheap but it’s not that expensive also. It can be more expensive than in PH but you wont be able to buy this in PH so I think the price is just fair because of that.

Taiwan Day 2 – Spirited Away in Jiufen

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