Seoul Food Trip

Myeong-dong (명동) Street Food Korea

Day 1

Another thing I love in Seoul apart from their beauty products is their food. I’ve never been enticed with the smell of food here in PH but it made me want to buy everything I smelled in Seoul. Few of my officemates already told me that the street food is great and they were right. Once we were settled in our hotel, we immediately went out to visit the very famous Myeongdong.

First thing I bought is this yummy-smelling chocolate waffle for 2,500 won.

Myeong-dong (명동) Street Food Korea

Then we passed by this booth that sells octopus tentacles skewers for 3,000 won. Tentacles were cut into pieces, brushed with takoyaki sauce and topped it off with fish flakes *yum*. My favorite so far ?

We also bought tempura but I forgot to take pictures and it costs 5,000 won for 5 pieces.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Myeong-dong (명동) Korea

Then we decided to take a break and drink hot choco at CBTL were we left my glasses u_u.

It was around 10pm when we decided to call it a night and head back to our hotel to find some place to eat real dinner.

Arriving to Jongno sam ga, we saw these red orange tents set up. DONT BE DECEIVED! It just looked like it was cheap to eat here because of the setup but we were sooooo wrong! We ordered (1) chicken intestines (1) octopus tentacles and (2) chicken skews plus a bottle of beer. Ahjumma gave us mussels soup and it tasted so good we asked for another one. My favorite was the chicken intestines. By the way, serving’s big in Korea compared to PH.

Hanshin Pocha Korea Street Food

Total amount was 58,000 won. Beer was 5,000 won and 2,000 won when bought in a convenience store. I forgot how much each dish costs but none of them were less than 10,000 won. It was the most expensive dinner we had during our whole stay but it was okay because they taste good anyway. And I can’t believe we were able to finish them all.

Day 2

Our breakfasts were provided by our hotel so we only had to think about our lunch and dinner.

We had our late lunch/merienda at Mr.Dakgalbi after we HALF-toured Nami Island and while waiting for the bus going back to the city. It’s located outside the parking area for Nami Island and across the street from the bus stop. We ordered (2) Original Source Dakgalbi (Grilled Chicken) with 3 rice cakes (per order) included, (1) cheese fondue and (2) plain rice. Overall, we spent 28,000 won.

Namiseom Chuncheon Mr. Dakgalbi Restaurant

Once we were back in the city, we left our things back to our hotel and went to Myeongdong again. It was a really tiring day but we want to see more of that city.

We bought this egg muffin for 2,000 won. We also bought one near our place and it only costs 1,000 won.

Strawberry Mochi for 2,500 won

And before we head home, we bought fish cake and chicken skews for 3,000 won each.

Seoul Korea Street Food

Photo on the lower left were red bean waffle for 5,000 won but I cant remember how may pieces there were. I think its around 10-15 pcs. We bought it outside Namsangol Hanok Village. Photo on the lower right is fried tempura we bought outside our hotel in Jongno Sam-ga near EXIT 5 which costs only 3,000 won. 2,000 won cheaper compared to the one in Myeongdong and she even gave us free soup from where her fishcake sticks were boiling and it was also good!

Day 3

After our palace tour, we went back again to our hotel and saw this enticing chicken place. We were hungry already so we decided to go in and order chicken with half buttermilk (I think) batter and a kimchi-flavoured one. We loved the cabbage so much Ahjussi gave us refill. We wanted to order rice but they dont have any. I think their place is more of a dine-out place instead of eating here because they constantly get orders from their phone. Ahjussi was so kind enough to buy us rice from the convenience store for 2,500 won. He probably took pity on us eating chicken without rice hahaha! Again beer was 5,000 won and total bill was 28,500 won including the rice.

Day 4

After our JSA tour, we decided we want to try Korean noodles or anything with soup and we found this near our place. I order Beef Noodle soup for 5,900 won. This is the first time that I wasnt able to finish my food. Not because it’s not good, but because its too spicy and too hot for me even after trying to cool it down.

Samdae Bulgogi Noodles Insadong Korea

On our last night, we decided to splurge on our dinner for his birthday at Maple Tree House in Itaewon and ordered Korean Beef Premium, Pork belly and (2) brown rice. After dinner, they gave us juice that tasted so good but I forgot to ask them what it was. We spent 60,400 won for this dinner.

All in all, I think we spent around 180,000-250,000 won for 4 whole days. Main meals were calculated as whole while street food were priced individually so this food expense could still be less depends on how much you’ll eat. Coffee/Tea costs around 5-6,000 won. And did I already mention that the rice here is so damn good?! I never liked rice until I tried their rice. Its heavenly! Also, I rarely saw fast food chains around the city.

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