Petaling Street

Due to some unexpected events, our Day 3 started at 6PM. We had to do some unplanned stuff from 9-5PM so we weren’t able to tour the city much.

Petaling Street a.k.a Chinatown

Petaling Street is the Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur. Since we were already tired from all the walking we’ve done from our  unexpected tasks  , we decided to just ride a cab going here. But I think the cab driver was fooling us and he’s going in circles just to make the meter higher.

Anyway, China Town is like Carriedo going to the Quiapo church. They sell all sorts of things but items from Sungei Wang Plaza were cheaper. I didn’t buy anything here because what they’re selling can also be bought from our very own Divisoria and I’m sure I can get more discounts when I buy there. We decided to try the street foods here and I really enjoyed it. I liked Chinese food here. I wasn’t eating properly in the past few days because they don’t have beef and I’m not really a fan of curry/spicy/gata food. By the way, you can also find a lot of cheap motels/hotels here.

I really loved this crepe-looking filled with fried nuts that’s usually sold outside the church here in the Philippines. I think the special ingredient of this food is the magic hands of this man because he doesn’t use any utensils in holding them, he just pick them up with his bare hands LOL . This is RM1 each.

We also tried the barbeque’s and loved the grilled squid. I also loved their sweet sauce! Yum!!! They also have ChaTime here.

Then we had the chicken floss burger.

That concludes our China Town trip. Then while walking to the train station, I saw the temple I’ve read that’s near China Town.

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