Spirited Away in Jiufen

We woke up early because our itinerary is far from where we are staying. We wanted to see the “Spirited Away”-inspired place that I often see from Instagram.

Once we got to the train station, we saw a guy with fare rates. 185 TWD for the bus ride but will take more than an hour or if we take his service for 200 TWD, we’ll arrive in 45 minutes. He has a cab/van that accommodated us 5 + 2 Japanese tourists sitting in front. We opted to get his service so we can still sleep instead of going hop on-off bus and train ride.


We were drop-offed at the Family Mart where I took the picture of this map.

We roam around the village and it was just like regular market with traditional lanterns. Items are more expensive than the usual. They sell sausages for 40TWD or 3 sausages for 100TWD. Same goes for the price of the fish balls.

We were almost on our way to the tunnel but we decided to stop because what we want to see was the “Spirited Away” area so we went back. It really looks like Baguio up in here.

When we finally found the place, we were like… OKAY. This is it. Hahaha! Good thing we were on the road for only 45 mins and we were sleeping because it was just one spot.

Yubaba #spiritedaway #jiufen #ahmeiteahouse

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There’s also a small tunnel beside the A Mei Tea House. It was too small inside so I decided not to go farther anymore.

We were supposed to go to the Rock formation but it was still too far and we got few casualties so we just went to the nearest one to our place which is Shifen.

We went out of the Jiufen village and went to the bus station going to Riufang Station.

Shifen Old Street

There’s a slight rain when we arrived in Shifen. This train arrives and leaves on time and only comes per hour.

Once we got out of the terminal, we were welcomed by a long line of people queuing  up for this chicken that really looks delicious.

We bought this huge squid for 150 TWD instead. They were cut into small pieces and you can choose which powder you want to put in them.

The famous Jingan Suspension Bridge that connects the Shifen and the Nanshan village.


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Scary bridge. Im only 2 steps away from the edge 😂 #shifen #journijessica

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I’m scared to cross the bridge since it was raining and the bridge was moving because of people walking. So I just stayed near the bridge and did not bother going over to the next village.

We also skipped going to the waterfalls because it was raining and we were already tired from walking. But we were able to light up a lantern which sells for 100-150TWD depending on the color.

Wishing for a happy life! ❤️ #lantern #jourNiJessica

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We were late by 2 mins before we can enter the train so we waited for another hour for the next train to come.

We left the station by 3:40PM and arrived home (New Taipei) around 6PM and rest.

Shilin Night Market

I think Shilin is bigger than the one in Ximending. Once we arrived there, food stalls are already lined up with so many people. Since we were also hungry, we decided to queue up as well. What I like here is people wait for their turn. Here, you wont see people lining up for a food stall. You’ll see them shouting, trying to get in front so they can order ahead of all the people.

Stinky Tofu was still very present here and saw this frog eggs. I dont know what they are and I’m not really feeling that adventurous to try it as well.

I think we were all so tired this day that we rode the wrong ride TWICE. Good thing I check my offline Google Maps and saw that we are going far away from our place so got off immediately. Next one was the train ride. We were home by 1AM and we left Shilin by 11:30PM!

We will be going home the next day so we decided to just wake up late the next morning and to fix our things for our check out.

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